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Training: Flightdeck2sim - Airline Pilot Tutorials for Virtual Pilots

Hi everyone, I'm new to your forum!

Some of you might be aware of my website as I've had a few messages from people who're part of the flight sim community or training to get their CPL/IR.

Essesntially I'm a 27 year old airline pilot. I gained my PPL aged 18, trained at Oxford Aviation Academy graudating with my CPL/IR JOC/MCC in 2011 and at the end of the year I was lucky to get a RHS at a Major European Operator where I have been ever since.

I'm now a Type Rating Instructor and Senior First Officer for quite a large European 737 Operator. I have just over 4000 hours on the 737 (the real one).

At the beginning of the year I created a channel "flightdeck2sim" on YouTube where I use the PMDG NGX to replicate real world procedures based on how I fly the 737 using my operators procedures. I've used the product for a number of years to practice profiles and procedures I instruct during type ratings and recurrent training at work.

Whilst I am very busy I do find the time to make tutorial videos for this channel, if anyone is interested you can find my channel here.

I'm just returning to the community something I wish I had when I was growing up with flight simulator. It already includes several tutorials.

I'm not here to merely advertise either, I'm quite active on AVSIM and help a number of people with any questions they might have which I'm also more than happy to do here. If you have any question regarding commercial operations and operating the 737-800 or pilot training feel free to send me a message here or on my Facebook Page.

Kind Regards and Fly Safe!

NB - I am in no position to share/copy company material. All guidance is purely to enhance your home flight simulator experience. Any comments/view expressed do not represent the views of my company

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