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Sep 05, 2016   /   jveirman   /   2   /   1487
Gear: Quiet Technologies Halo

Does anyone have experience with the Quiet Technologies Halo headset/earplugs? I've read some reviews of people selling their Bose/Zulu headsets after buying these and I was wondering if they really are that good?

I also found some other brands selling a similar product like Faro and Clarity Aloft. Maybe any input/reviews on these headsets?

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senne admin   /   one year ago

Hi Jarno!

I'm planning to start my PPL training this winter and I had been looking into in-ear headsets as well. After watching and reading some reviews, most people who own them generally seem to be very pleased with them. For me, the major factor why I would buy an in-ear headset would be comfort, so not having those huge earpads over your ears squeezing on your head. But since I'm on a budget, I'll probably just go with a standard low-cost headset. But I would definitely consider buying one later on.

Would be interesting to hear other people's thoughts on this!

Good luck with your training in AZ, Jarno!


jveirman   /   one year ago

Hi Senne,

First of all, good luck with your PPL training! I hope you enjoy it :)

Now about the headsets, I received the Faro Air headset a couple of days ago and I got to say that I was surprised about the comfort of it. I haven't been able to try it in-flight yet but what I noticed during my ground test is that they are very light and the earplugs seem to have a very good dampening (compared on ground with a Bose A20 headset and it performed as good as the Bose). They come with extra cushioning to put around the ear 'bends', I highly recommend to put these on immediately since the regular cushioning is a very thin piece of rubber and it feels like wrapping copper wire around your ears. Also included in the box is a 3.5mm aux-cable which you can use to connect your phone/gps or other devices, and a series of earplugs (1 pair of Large, 2 pair of standard and 2 pair of slim tips). I recommend to take your time to bend the headband to the good size since this will eventually have the greatest influence on the comfort of the headset (you can bend the headband more open/closed to get more or less side pressure and you can bend the ear 'bends' to wrap more or less around your ears)

I'm going to do some flights with them this week and I'll get back with a more detailed review after that. I also ordered the QT Halo but I'm still on a 3 week backorder for that one, (but when I read the reviews they seem to be more comfortable) So it'll take a while before I can give any thoughts on that one.

General thoughts for the moment are that they are very light and comfortable (but I can imagine this will depend on the user since some people can't stand in-ear plugs). The only negative thing I noticed for the moment is that since they are so light the headband with the microphone could get displaced easily when there is some accidental tugging on the cord, but with the use of the shirt clips this normally won't be a problem.

If you look at the price they are in the mid-range compared to other headsets, the Faro normally is around 380USD (350USD if you use the code ''STUDENT2015'' on the official Faro site), so it's about double the price of a standard low-cost headset (David Clark H10/ASA HS-1) and ┬▒ 1/3 of the price of a high-end headset (Bose A-20/Lightspeed Zulu/...)

I'll get back with a more in-depth review in the upcoming days/weeks.


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