Night flying over Reykjavik at the dawn of Winter.

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Night flying over Reykjavik at the dawn of Winter.

Night Rating is a great bridge between VFR and IFR flight training. With fewer outside references to go by, and the tricks of darkness fooling the eyes, managing the aircraft becomes of matter of looking 90% at the instruments, and 10% outside. In Iceland, night flying is done mainly between the International Airport of Keflavik, located in the South-West peninsula of Reykjanesbaer, and the capital Reykjavik, 50km to the North East. Here at 2,000 feet over "Smokey Bay", we got a great view of the tiny capital nestled between sea and mountains with the lights on the night on show.


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After training as a Researcher in Structural Biology and Biophysics at Oxford, I am undergoing a professional reconversion to combine my love of flying with a sheer passion for exploration. I am currently based in Keflavik, Iceland, studying towards a Commercial Pilot License with IR/ME, ATPL theory and MCC. My goal is to fly STOL operations, primarily in the polar regions.

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