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Why advertising?

Keeping this website online takes a lot of time and - unfortunately - also a lot of money. That's why we need some kind of income to keep this website running and keep it free for our visitors and members.

This income can be from sponsoring, advertising or other partnerships. We always prioritize the user experience of our visitors and members, so we put great consideration into the kind of content we share and promote.

One of the ways we monitize Hangar.Flights is by working with affiliates. Some of the links on our website are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a commission. Pages containing such links will always have a message at the top notifying you, as we want to be very transparent about this. These commissions come at no additional cost to you, but allow us to cover the expenses of running Hangar.Flights and the creation of new - free - content for you. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you.

If you have any questions, suggestions or complains regarding the ads on our website, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Advertising/Affiliate Policy

In a perfect world, we would have endless amounts of time and would we be able to run Hangar.Flights without needing any outside revenue. Unfortunately, that isn't quite the reality, and we rely on advertising, sponsors and affiliates to help us produce the content you find on this site and keep improving it. It’s important to us to be completely transparent about the advertising and affiliate programs that take place on Hangar.Flights. We never want you to feel like there's any sort of shady business or sneaky salesmanship going on! What follows is a quick synopsis of our advertising and affiliate policies.

  1. Advertising on Hangar.Flights

    Hangar.flights displays sidebar and banner advertising from a number of companies, and in the course of serving these ads, cookies are sometimes used to collect information. You can learn much more about what information is collected, and how to opt out of it, by reading my Privacy Policy. (While you’re submerged in legalese, you might want to look at our Terms of Use too.)

  2. Sponsored Posts

    We will sometimes accept the opportunity to work with brands on content-related projects. We actually love working with these brands, because it’s a great opportunity to exercise our creativity, and it often results in a giveaway for our followers - a win-win! We only work with brands or products that we trust and believe in, and that we are sure would be a god fit for our audience. This sponsored content will always be clearly labeled as such, and we will always disclose any compensation received. We do not accept payment for writing positive reviews, and any opinions about the product in the sponsored posts are our own. If a giveaway is sponsored, that will be clearly labeled as well.

  3. Affiliate Programs

    Currently, we have affiliate partnerships with a number of brands. These companies include but are not limited to Amazon, Faro Aviation and Rod Machado. We do our best to always put a disclaimer near these affiliate links informing you that by clicking on that link and buying something, the cost to you remains the same, but we receive a very small amount of money, a commission. We try to only promote products that we either own and love or highly believe in and trust. We appreciate the support of anyone who buys something through these affiliate links and helps to support this website.

  4. And Finally…

    We know that Hangar.Flights would be nothing without our followers and members. Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, sharing, emailing, and being all-around awesome. High five!

Advertise on Hangar.Flights

With visitors from all over the world, ranging from young people dreaming about aviation to experienced airline captains, our website is the perfect place to reach your ideal audience in this beautiful industry.

Hangar.Flights currently receives between 10,000 and 15,000 unique visitors each month, with a total of over 215,000 visitors and 375,000 page views since our launch in May '16. Some of our articles have even been viewed over 50k times!

Some other interesting statistics:

  • 63% of our visitors visit our website on their mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones
  • 55% of our website visitors come from the US, with Canada and the UK on a shared second place (5%)
  • 45% of those people are between the age of 18 and 35
  • 68% of our traffic is organic search traffic, and 28% comes from social media

You can advertise with Hangar.Flights on our website, social media or newsletter. Possible options are website banners, sponsored stories or series, affiliate products (need to be helpful for our audiance), or other options.

Advertising through our social media accounts also belongs to the possibilities. We currently have an online audience of 40,000+ pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Most of this audience has been built on our Instagram account, which currently has about 36.000 followers.

Of course, we're also open to other suggestions for advertising or other ways to do great things together!

If you're interested in advertising or partnering up with us, please send a message to senne@hangar.flights!