Cessna T-37 Tweet

ICAO aircraft code T37
Manufacturer Cessna
Country United States
New price USD .16 million (1960)

The Cessna T-37 Tweet is a small, economical twin-engined jet trainer type that flew for decades as a primary trainer for the USAF.


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Cessna T-37 Tweet specifications


ICAO aircraft code
1955 - 1975
United States
New purchase price
USD .16 million (1960)

Aircraft performance

2x Continental-Teledyne J69-T-25
1,025 pound-force
Max Cruise Speed:
369 Kts
683 Km/h
Approach Speed (Vref):
74 Kts
Travel range:
810 Nm
1,500 Kilometers
Service Ceiling:
35,000 feet
Rate of Climb:
3370 feet / minute
17.12meter / second
Take Off Distance:
617 meter - 2,024.25 feet
Landing Distance:
792 meter - 2,598.39 feet

Weight & dimensions

Max Take Off Weight:
2,982 Kg
6,574 lbs
Max Landing Weight:
2,655 Kg
5,853 lbs
Max Payload:
1,142 Kg
2,518 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity:
257 gallon
973 liter

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About the Cessna T-37 Tweet

The Cessna T-37 Tweet (designated Model 318 by Cessna) is a small, economical twin-engined jet trainer type which flew for decades as a primary trainer for the United States Air Force (USAF) and in the air forces of several other nations. The T-37C was also capable of light attack. The A-37 Dragonfly variant served in the light attack role during the Vietnam War and continues to serve in the air forces of several South American nations.

The T-37 served as the U.S. Air Force’s primary pilot training vehicle for over 52 years after its first flight. After completing Primary in the Tweet, students moved on to other advanced Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Allied trainers. With a total of 1,269 Cessna T-37s built, the USAF retired its last T-37 in 2009. It was replaced in USAF service by the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II.

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