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Grob G-115

ICAO aircraft code G115
Manufacturer Grob Aircraft
New price USD 0.4 million

The Grob G 115 is a general aviation fixed-wing aircraft, primarily used for flight training.


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Grob G-115 Specifications

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ICAO aircraft code
1999 - Present
New purchase price
USD 0.4 million

Aircraft performance

1x 1 × Lycoming O-360-A1B6 4-cylinder
180 HP
Max Cruise Speed:
135 Kts
250 Km/h
Travel range:
520 Nm
963 Kilometers
Fuel Economy:
18.91 Nm / gallon
9.251 Km / liter
Service Ceiling:
20,000 feet
Rate of Climb:
1500 feet / minute
7.62meter / second
Take Off Distance:
460 meter - 1,509.17 feet
Landing Distance:
380 meter - 1,246.70 feet

Weight & dimensions

Max Take Off Weight:
920 Kg
2,028 lbs
Max Payload:
145 Kg
320 lbs

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About the Grob G-115

The Grob G 115 is a general aviation fixed-wing aircraft, primarily used for flight training. It is built in Germany by Grob Aircraft (Grob Aerospace before January 2009). The E variant with a 3-blade variable pitch propeller is in service with the Finnish Air Force, the Royal Navy and Army Air Corps for Flying Grading (a pre-EFT flying course) and in the Royal Air Force as part of No. 6 Flying Training School (6 FTS) which provides flying to both University Air Squadrons and Air Experience Flights to Cadets of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. As of 2020, the Tutor is still being used by the RAF for some Elementary Flying Training (3FTS) but is due to be phased out in favour of its replacement, the Prefect T1.

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