Hangar.Flights V2.0 - The Same Website, Greatly Improved

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Hangar.Flights V2.0 - The Same Website, Greatly Improved

As you might have already noticed, last weekend our new website went online. It's the same website, but with an improved design, a better user experience and easier navigation.

I have received quite a few messages in the past from people who did not yet start their flight training and were not a pilot (yet). With the old website, they couldn't sign up since it was a pilot-only community. 

We understand that those people could benefit greatly from listening to the experiences of other pilots and asking their own questions to pilots in the community. It might just give them the help and motivation they need to take their first steps in aviation and become a pilot.

That's why we removed the pilot-only restriction and made it possible for everyone to sign up; pilot or not, experienced or not.

So if you'd like to become a member of our community but are not a pilot yet, you can now sign up here!

A few of the other changes we made include:

  • Simplifying the sign-up process by eliminating the need to activate your account after signup;
  • Displaying the number of views a specific post received;
  • An improved video section with a better overview of the videos and filtering options;
  • Easier navigation of the story, discussion and video sections;
  • Easier sharing options for your and other members' posts;
  • Replaced the Readinglist by bookmarks where you can save any story, discussion, article or video you want to save for later;
  • Removed any bugs and broken links;
  • ...

We've written a lot of new content and articles, waiting for me to hit the publish button. So, expect a lot of new stuff coming online this week and in the course of the next few weeks!

A few weeks ago, we sent out a short survey to our mailing list subscribers and members to find out what they liked and did not like about our website, to hear their suggestions and ask how we could improve the website and community.

We received some great feedback and suggestions we used to redesign the site and its functionality. Some of those functions and changes are already done, others are still a work in progress.

Also coming soon are groups (update: Groups are live!), a like system, photo upload, a tools & resources section and a section dedicated to help people get started in aviation and help them with any questions or challenges they might have. These functions and sections are all in progress right now but will take a little more time to polish it up and put it online.

Someone also suggested a flight-sharing function for the community to share flights with other members. This would make for a great development challenge for me but would also be a great add-on for our members. We'll certainly consider adding such an option to our website! 

Of course, becoming and being a member is and will also stay completely free!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the website and community even more, feel free to let me know in the comments! We're open to all suggestions, even the craziest ones!

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Senne Vandenputte

As a 22-year-old Belgian Business Management student, web designer, glider pilot, aviation blogger and founder of Hangar.Flights, Senne is passionate about aviation. He started gliding at age 14 and flew his first solo at 15. Now, he spends his time writing about aviation, creating and designing things, traveling, studying and of course, flying.


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clayviation one year ago

Nice work! Excited about the new site!


senne one year ago

Thanks a lot Clay!


llamasquishy one year ago

Hey Senne. Great work on the new site! Just curious, what do you mean by a flight-sharing functionality?


senne one year ago

Hi Alex, thanks a lot for the kind words!

I was thinking of some sort of flight sharing platform built-in into the website. So when you're planning a flight but rather take someone with you instead of flying on your own, you could post it on that platform so (an)other member(s) can join you on your flight. There already exist quite a few of these platforms, but almost all of them ask a certain commission on the cost, so it's not free and it's also open to anyone on the internet. I was thinking of creating something similar, but for free and only accessible to members of this community. That way, you can post an upcoming flight and invite every member or a specifiic member to join you. So this could be a great option for people who don't want to fly alone or want to share the cost of the flight. You cannot do commercial flights as a private pilot, but cost sharing flights are allowed by the FAA and EASA.

Just brainstorming about this, not sure yet if and how I will develop this, and if there's even demand for something like this. But I'll definitely look deeper into this :)


jacobgatt one year ago

Great work on the site Senne, it's set up very well in anticipation for the growth of this community. Also, got a great layout, everything is simple and appealing to look at. Brilliant.


llamasquishy one year ago


I would have to agree, properly and safely developing a feature such as this would likely present a challenge. However, if the rest of your site and your evident work ethic are any indication, I'd be willing to bet you wouldn't have any problem getting it done. Thanks for the explanation; I love the idea! I don't know the rules regarding cost-sharing flights in Canada but maybe I'll have a look at the CARs when I have some time. It's something I would be interested in doing as I do fly solo quite often when I would prefer to have a passenger...and it would probably get me in the air more often if I did have someone to take along!

Alex Penner

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