Photo of the Week: First Helicopter Trial Flight

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Photo of the Week: First Helicopter Trial Flight

In this series, we feature a new photo or photo series of the week every Wednesday or Thursday! Send us your photos here.

This week's photo was sent to us by our member Majoub Al-Noah.

This photo is of me taking my first helicopter trial flight. The day started with me actually having a fixed wing lesson at the airport (moorabbin). I'm currently at the stage in my fixed wing flying that I am very close to going solo, the weather that morning wasn't great and it was fairly windy. I knew it wasn't going to be a great lesson but a great opportunity to get my skill up. After preflighting the aircraft and briefing with my instructor we were ready to go. Just as we began signing the aircraft out I realized I had forgotten my RA-Aus membership (basically a license to fly), so to my annoyance we had to cancel the lesson. For the next hour I went to a great viewing spot at the airport watching other people take off and land, the weather eventually became clear so I went for a walk around the airport. I ended up in a helicopter flight school called 'The Helicopter Group'. After talking with some of the pilots and a tour of their hanger where I got to sit in and look around many helicopters I decided to go for a trial flight. I met my instructor Clark who did a full brief and preflight with me. Everything that he was telling me made sense and I was able to make links to my fixed wing training which was helpful. After take off we headed outbound over the beach, within minutes i had control of the cyclic and soon after the rest of the aircraft, we traveled up and down the coast and did some turns in between. I pretty much flew the whole flight myself except for the takeoff and landing (even though I still followed the controls of my instructor). This was a great experience as I was given the feeling of my first flight again as I found a new perspective of flight. By trying a new branch of aviation those feelings of your first flights are restored, I believe this will be the same as new endorsement so I have bright hopes in my future of aviation. As I headed home I was left feeling motivated to fly, and also with something some refer to as 'the heli bug'.

- Majoub Al-Noah

Majoub Al-Noah helicopter

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