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The Art of the Instrument Scan-Interactive eLearning Course

A course by Rod Machado

Do you have a plan for your instrument scan? I hope so because all private pilot and instrument rating applicants need to know how to scan their flight instruments. Learning how to scan these instruments properly is one of the biggest and costliest challenges most pilots face during training. Often, students are simply instructed to keep your eyes moving around the panel. That’s good advice if you’re tracking a bee, but not much help with controlling the airplane on instruments. Here is where Rod Machado can help you with his newest eLearning course on The Art of the Instrument Scan.

This 2 hour and 20-minute interactive eLearning course will teach you a unique three-step scan process that’s not only easy to learn, but easy to use, too. This is why even those pilots with instrument ratings will benefit from this scan since it allows them to fly the airplane with a greatly reduced workload. Learn to scan properly and you’ll find yourself progressing quickly at mastering control of the airplane on instruments.

Course contents

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this course:

  • A unique, simple to use, three-step instrument scan technique.
  • A no-nonsense way to learn which instruments are always primary.
  • Scanning techniques for both analog instruments and primary flight displays.
  • Flying partial panel and not really missing those missing instruments.
  • Unusual attitude recoveries made simple
  • Tips and techniques to make airplane control on instruments a breeze.
  • Covers: Localizer/VOR/Glideslope bracketing techniques.
  • All eLearning courses come with accompanying text in “Notes” section of player.
  • Each course section comes with quizzes to test your knowledge.

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