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Understanding Weather – Interactive eLearning Course

A course by Rod Machado

Rod Machado’s interactive eLearning course on Understanding Weather is precisely the course you need to help you make sense of the basic weather concepts you either missed or never quite understood in ground school. Presented in Rod’s highly popular Laugh & Learn training style, this 5.5-hour course will have you feeling a lot more comfortable about the environment in which you fly. Why? Because you’ll see the connections between abstract weather concepts and how these ideas apply to real-world flying. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn with this unique eLearning format. And you’ll be even more amazed at your ability to understand the weather information presented in your next weather briefing. Understanding weather shouldn’t be hard, but it is for way too many pilots. Rod makes difficult concepts easy to understand and fun to learn. For the cost of about one hour’s worth of advanced dual flight instruction, you’ll receive 5.5 hours of highly educational and entertaining weather training. You won’t be disappointed.

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