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Faro Aviation Headsets

Affordable quality & American-made aviation headsets

It seemed as soon as someone put the word 'aviation' next to a product, even a flashlight, all of a sudden, the price quadrupled.

This didn't make sense to the guys of Faro Aviation. They always believed and still do that the best way to guarantee aviation’s future is to make it as affordable as possible without compromising quality or reliability.

So with the help of a group of pilot engineers, they started designing high-performance headsets for the entire aviation community.

"Even if you have flown with many other headsets, it's rare to find a quality ANR aviation headset for less than $400. Before finding out about Faro, I used to fly with PNR headsets only - ANR headsets are usually quite expensive. Finally being able to own a quality ANR headset that's both comfortable and affordable is amazing! And it saves me some extra money to spend on fuel.."

Senne - Glider, Private and Sailplane tow pilot

Faro G2 ANR

ANR Aviation Headset

The Faro G2 ANR is Faro's most popular model, with active noise reduction. For less then $400, you get noise reduction up to 52dB for the quietest cockpit and most comfort, comfortable leather ear cushions and MP3 audio input. The G2 PNR uses two AA batteries that provide up to 30 hours of active noise reduction, depending on the environment (The headset will continue to work as PNR when the batteries run low or die).

If you are looking for an ANR headset but not willing to spend $500+, the G2 ANR gives you the most bang for your buck!

ANR·AUX Audio input·Leather ear cushions·Crystal clear audio



"We're focused solely on aviation. We build our headsets at our own facility, ensuring the highest build standards and rigorous quality assurance. We’re engaged in continuous new product development, constantly looking for technologies, materials and features offering even greater performance and value." - Kevin Faro / founder


Faro Air

In-ear Aviation Headset

Most pilots put up with carrying a large heavy headset on their head for hours and hours. The Faro Air changes this.

With its 28 grams, the Faro Air is the lightest and headset in Faro's product line. Its noise reduction of up to 50dB makes the Faro Air also as quiet as most ANR headsets, which is great for pilots looking for an ANR headset but not willing or able to spend too much. Not only is this headset very light, comfortable and quiet, it also ends bad-hair-days!

ANR·AUX Audio input·Weighs 1oz·Replaceable foam ear plugs·Crystal clear audio


Faro G3 ANR

ANR Aviation Headset

Weighing only 255 grams, the Faro G3 ANR is one of the lightest on-ear headsets on the market today. Because the G3 is the first aviation headset out of Carbon Fiber, it weighs nearly half of a typical aviation headset.

The G3 has everything you want in a headset; it's an affordable ANR headset equipped with Bluetooth, MP3 audio input, ultra-comfortable ear cushions and it comes with a headset bag and audio cable.

ANR·AUX/Bluetooth Audio input·Weighs 9oz·Leather ear cushions·Crystal clear audio




For orders over $100 and in continental US. Delivery is 2-3 days on average.


30-Day full money back guarantee including free pre-paid return label.


Full-Coverage Replacement Warranty on all Faro Headsets.

About Faro

FARO Aviation has been a leading aviation supplier since 1999. Pilot owned and operated, they offer a range of commercial-grade, active and passive noise-reduction headsets and accessories. They are in use by thousands of pilots, including in general aviation, by airline captains and business jet crews, major freight operators and at flight schools and aviation enterprises worldwide.

Their headsets feature state-of-the-art technology for noise reduction and audio clarity, a fully customizable fit with soft leather ear protection for maximum comfort, integration with personal electronics for audio playback, low weight and rugged construction.

Are you a student pilot, private pilot or even commercial pilot looking for an affordable quality (ANR) headset?

Then a Faro Aviation headset is the way to go!

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