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May 01, 2016   /   ruben   /   10   /   1054
Aircraft: 3-aircraft hangar of YOUR dreams?

If you could own 3 aircrafts and money/licences/... isn't an issue, what would your hangar look like?

For me personally:

  1. P-51 Mustang for fun (aerobatics, Fly-in's,...)
  2. C510 Mustang to travel the long distances in style
  3. EC130 to get anywhere easy 

I know the 3 aircrafts are totally different but if I have "only" 3 spots in your hangar, I want a bit of everything.

I am very interested to see what you guys think.


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senne admin   /   2 years ago

That would be one great hangar! My hangar would probably look very similar with a Citation Mustang as well for travelling, a Pitts or L-39 Albatross (depending on the available runway length) for fun and probably some kind of helicopter, like an Eurocopter EC-120 or EC-130 like you mentioned, to be able to land and take-off from virtually anywhere! Interested in hearing what other people think!

ruben admin   /   2 years ago

@senne I expected a (motor)glider in your hangar ;)

pavelj   /   2 years ago

It never hurts to dream :) So here is my list,

1) Spitfire
2) Stearman
3) JS-1

senne admin   /   2 years ago

@ruben, I know, I thought about it just when I clicked post comment.. If I had to put a glider in the hangar as well, I would also go for a JS-1 like @pavelj choose, but with jet engine of course!

ruben admin   /   2 years ago

@pavelj I could live with that and @senne sounds like fun!

flyingmonkey   /   2 years ago

I would go with:
SIAI S.211... they are just a dream to fly
C-172... rated here and would be a cheap runabout
C-206 float plane... I live in the islands after all

leonardmack   /   2 years ago

How can I limit it to just 3?!

pilotmiguel21   /   2 years ago

P-51 Mustang
Dassault Falcon 900 or Cessna Citation X
TBM 900
but I agree with Leonard Mack, how can 3 ever be enough :P ?!?!

aero360aviation   /   11 months ago

Man, only 3?? That's a nearly impossible thing to narrow it down haha.
I guess if I had to narrow it down it would be
1) F4U Corsair
2) Beechcraft Staggerwing
3) Douglas DC-3

then I would have a second hanger with another 3 in it that would have a Super Cub, a Beaver on floats, and a Cessna 185 ;-D

airmandjet   /   7 months ago

A difficult decision, but I think I'd go with these three.

1. Vought F4U Corsair
2. McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
3. Bay Super V

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