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May 01, 2016   /   ruben   /   2   /   435
Events: What is the best display of all times?

Lately I was wondering what would be the greatest display ever given on an airshow/event. 

I myself think it must be a "Blue Angel" performance because of the close proximity flying at high speeds. Being only a few feet away from 4 other aircrafts (keep in mind that a F-18 stalls at 78 kts) and make it look easy is an art on it's own. There is no room for mistakes here!

But I'm curious with what you guys come up with!

Here you have an onboard footage of a Blue Angels performance: 

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nextflighthome   /   2 years ago

I love the Blue Angels!

For me, the best ever was the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends in Columbus, Ohio back in 2007. Over 100 Mustangs from around the world were in attendance and there were multiple displays from all types including the Stealth Fighter and a fly-over by a P-51, A-10, and F-22 at the same time.

Here's a link to the videos Ave coverage! Best show I've ever seen!

ruben admin   /   2 years ago

@nextflighthome As a fan of the P-51, I can only imagine how cool that was!

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