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May 02, 2016   /   robie   /   2   /   336
Training: Use of simulator for instrument training

I've been working on building my PIC XC and hood time since I got my PPL last year and am about ready to start with instructor time for my instrument rating.

I know an ATD (or whatever the acronyms are) can be used for up to 20 hours of the time needed, but my question is a bit more specific.

You need 15 hours flight time with a CFII. Can sim time count towards that or is sim time only good for your hood time requirements?

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julien   /   one year ago

I found in my Air Law book from the CAE ATPL the following : "The skill requirement also specifically requires the applicant to demanstrate the ability to operate multi-engine aeroplanes solely with reference to instruments with one engine inoperative, if a pilot is to fly IFR in such airplanes. The regulations permit the use of synthetic trainers to demonstrate skills."

I don't know if it answers your question, but I hope it helps.

gccfi   /   one year ago

Are you looking for an Instrument Rating under FAA, EASA or Transport Canada?

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