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May 02, 2016   /   studentpilot   /   4   /   601
Training: Flying schools in Australia

Hi all,

I'd be interested to hear from any Australian pilots as to what flying schools they have attended or are attending for CPL and MECIR. I'm looking at Basair but can't find a lot of feedback on them.


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lloydones   /   2 years ago

Hi Student Pilot, Do you have an idea where abouts in Australia you want to train? If you are interested for the West Coast, near Perth, message me and I might be able to point you in the right direction.

studentpilot   /   2 years ago

Thanks, but I'm looking at training in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast :)

pilotmiguel21   /   2 years ago

I was about to comment but I see Perth is out of the question :P I did my CPL at the Western Australia Aviation College. If you are willing to move a bit away from the east coast, I've also heard that Parafield Airport has some great flight schools!

jacobgatt   /   one year ago

From my experience, you can elect to do the courses 3 ways:

1. Through a University and pay for it through hex.
2. Through a Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider with access to VET FEE HELP.
3. Paying for it out of your own pocket which will work out cheaper, but not many people can pay $100,000 up front.

In Victoria, the most common and reliable universities that offer CPL and MECIR are Swinburne University and RMIT. Swinburne operate their aviation course through CAE Oxford Aviation Academy in Moorabbin, whilst RMIT operate out of Point Cook. I did my GFPT (now known as RPL) and PPL at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy.

In terms of VET providers, the Royal Victorian Aero Club in Moorabbin is a clear standout for me. They've got multiple courses which allows the student to elect for VET FEE HELP. I'm currently completing my MECIR at RVAC and would recommend it, will most likely be returning some time next year to complete my instructor rating.

And any flight school will accept if you pay upfront in cash. This is obviously a big ask, which is why those who wish to do the more advanced training commonly elect universities with HEX or VET FEE HELP providers.

Just some food for thought, let us know what you're thinking.

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