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May 06, 2016   /   matman3331   /   5   /   657
Training: PPL exam

I'm doing my PPL exam in the next few weeks and I've studied everything I could think of. Are there any good practice tests online just so I can be absolutely ready for this exam? I've done tc13014e* but I feel like it was too easy! If you could point me to the right direction, that would be great! Thank you! 

Transport Canada practice exam.

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kkissmann   /   2 years ago

I used an app from the apple store. It was around $10 but was very helpful and had great practice test. It was produced by Sporty's. However, you're from Canada, so I'm not sure how similar the US test are to Canada.

ruben admin   /   2 years ago

I've heard about this one but it costs $25 for 6 months. I can not confirm the quality!

gccfi   /   2 years ago

Are you taking the TC written test or the practical test? In case you are taking the written test, I would recommend the following products:
They don't have oral test preps for TC yet (FAA only), but anyway, their TC written test prep products are pretty amazing.

cpttotah   /   2 years ago

Normally your flight school should provide you with free practice tests to help you prepare for it (ask an instructor about these tests), and according to your results on these practice tests your instructor should write you a recommendation letter for the actual TC test.
If you require further studying material, I would highly recommend the "Private Pilot Exam Preparation Guide" made by (Sharper Edge Solutions). Its a complete guide for the TC written test, it has 400 questions that were on the actual test. It also has an answer key and all the questions are cross-referenced to the keynotes and summaries in the guide. Focus on the navigation part, that's where TC tries to get you.
Best of luck.

pilotsam21   /   one year ago

I know Sporty's has a free study buddy practice test that you can use.

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