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May 16, 2016   /   pilotmiguel21   /   4   /   472
Safety: Taking photos in flight

Ok, so this topic always comes up time and time again. Pilots enjoy sharing their experience (and who wouldn't, we've got the best office view in the whole wide world!) and often times there's just us in the cockpit. Obviously there are safety concerns regarding phones and cameras when your attention should be wholly on flying, but is there a safe way to overcome this and perhaps consider circumstances where one can legally take a quick snap? This isn't intended into shaming anybody nor promoting violations of the FAR's, but a means to discuss ways in which if possible, one can practically incorporate a way to document their amazing experiences while flying PIC.

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senne admin   /   2 years ago

Taking pictures while flying is indeed an interesting subject and I'm sure people's opinions on this vary greatly. I personally think taking pictures in flight is not a problem, as long as it's not during the critical phases of flight and you're not taking any risks while doing it. Flying the plane should always stay your priority.
I've posted this on our Facebook page and a few pilots shared their thoughts on it;

flyingmonkey   /   2 years ago

Only if it's cool ;)

storman   /   one year ago

I use a Garmin Virb that is synced to my phone and my watch. I can turn the video recorder on and off with either device and can snap pics, I find it most useful to leave it on and then go back after the flight to pick the pic I want.

jacobgatt   /   one year ago

As per what Senne has said.

Flying the aircraft is the number one priority. When taking photos, it's always important to be quick and always have the aircraft under control.

There are many safe ways of doing this, such as the use of GoPro's, bluetooth shutter remotes etc. whereby you don't have to actively be looking intensely at a device to get a photo.

However, if you were involved in an accident and were found to have been fiddling with cameras, then you will probably be subject to penalties and having your license reviewed.

Like all things in life, be smart and do it at the right times.

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