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May 22, 2016   /   pilotmiguel21   /   6   /   699
Media-News: Books about flying

When not flying, one of my favorite things is to relax while reading a great book about flying! On a rainy day at home, while parked somewhere waiting to pick up someone, when waiting at the airport or the doctor's or wherever, nothing relaxes me more than reading a great flying book! Whether fiction or history, articles or theory, even when I'm not in the clouds I love to be inmersed in the dream that is aviation! This topic is a place for you to share your good reads and give recommendations and reviews for each other in order to promote aviation literature and provide good reads for one another! I hope you all enjoy this thread!

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pilotmiguel21   /   2 years ago

I'd like to start by suggesting a couple of books I've read recently! I'm currently reading Lord's of the Sky: Fighter Pilots and Air Combat, from the Red Baron to the F-16 by Dan Hampton. It is an awesome book! I've not gotten half way yet but I thoroughly enjoy the way Hampton immerses you in the historical setting, and then using that as a backdrop puts you in the minds of great aviators like Manfred von Richthofen or Mick Mannock! He really makes you visualize the dog fights and the conflicts and puts you in a sort of first person view! Other good reads I've had are QF32 by Richard de Crespigny, it's written by the Captain of Qantas Flight 32, an A380 that suffered a destructive engine failure on departure from Singapore a few years back. It's a combination between biography, a recount of the events, and connecting previous air accidents to this one in order to show how he overcame the odds and commanded the flight back to earth safely. There's also Highest Duty by Chesley Sullemberger, a great recount from his point of view of how he miraculously landed an A320 in the Hudson River, but even more than that it's a testament to his journey and the events that shaped him into the pilot he is. All great reads, and I'll be posting more as I read more! Looking forward to your replies!

cpttotah   /   2 years ago

Excellent suggestions Miguel, I will definitely be looking into them, Captain Sullenberger is a true legend.
I would like to add one more by Wolfgang Langewiesche called Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying, this book is essential for all pilots.

ruben admin   /   2 years ago

The book I enjoyed reading the most is "Bob" Hoover's biography "forever flying". His adventures are unbelievable!

pilotmiguel21   /   2 years ago

CPTTOTAH I agree, Sullenberger set the bar high for what we all aspire to be as aviators, his feat of landing safely in the Hudson is no small feat! I will definitely look at Stick and Rudder, I think I've come across it before but wasn't able to buy it! Ruben, Bob Hoover is an amazing aviator, I'm definitely going to look for his biography, every time I see his videos on youtube during his aerobatic displays with the Shrike I am absolutely awestruck!

thordivel   /   one year ago

Wolfgang Langiewische's son, William has written a lot of interesting stuff about flying. Google around a bit to find some of his feature articles, or look at bibliography at

christianh   /   one year ago

Check out the "Mountain Flying Bible Revised" by Sparky Imeson. While this book focuses on mountain operations, it is full of very helpful knowledge about weather, engine operation, planning, and much more. One of the best GA books I know. A little hard to read at some points, but definitely worth it. And if you ever have a question about radio navigation, take a look at "The Aviator's Guide to Navigation" by Donald J. Clausing. Also a good read.

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