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May 23, 2016   /   pilotsam21   /   5   /   684
Training: How do you study for a written exam?

I'm working on studying for my commercial written exam. I've gotten through the private and instrument writtens just fine by studying using the Gleim book, however I'd like to know what everybody else does. 

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flyingmonkey   /   2 years ago

Gleim's book, Gleim's examiner. You can also download the Quizlet app, and type pilots, they would have subject there for the exams and you can do it in flash cards mode.

pilotsam21   /   one year ago

I got Sheppard Air in the beginning of the week for the Commercial Pilot written, took a week to study and at the end of the week I took the real exam and scored an 84%. Really happy with Sheppard Air.

gmack52   /   one year ago

I've taken 4 written exams within the past 2 weeks with another in a few days. So far, Sheppard Air has given me scores on all exams in the 90% range. Ive spent +/- 2 full days studying for each exam following their study plan exactly.

jhanner1   /   one year ago

Sheppard Air is pretty effective but relies on pure memorization and repetition. The sporty's courses are decent if your a visual learner like myself.

jacobgatt   /   one year ago

In Australia, one of the most common course books is the series by Bob Tait. These textbooks are laid out very clearly and provide questions and practice exams.

I would read through the book highlighting and summarising each chapter and completing the relevant questions during this process. Then once I'd finished the book, I'd go back to the chapter questions I got wrong and would do them again to try and eliminate any knowledge deficiencies.

Then once satisfied with all chapter questions, I go to the exams in the back of the book and have a go at them. After each exam I review the questions I got wrong and don't move onto the next exam until I understand each question.

However, studying is entirely up to the individual. This is what I found worked best for me throughout studying for my CPL theory exams.

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