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Jun 09, 2016   /   bajca   /   1   /   779
Sell-Buy: Waco YKS-6 for sale!

My friend is selling beautiful WACO YKS-6.

This Waco is a real vintage airplane. Built in 1936 it was fling for many years in Alaska as ambulance aircraft. In 1990 it was bought by a private owner who restored it completely. Until 1997 the Waco was flying in Las Vegas, thereafter she was shipped to Germany where she was lovely kept by her new owner. The last years the plane was not just shown on several airshows all over Europe, it was also displayed in the German National Muzeum of Aviation at Obershleißheim near Munich. This aircraft is the chance to own a piece of Aviation History. Just 65 YKS-6 had been built and just a few of them survived until today.

More information HERE

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calberto   /   one year ago

Absolutely gorgeous aircraft! Wish i had the funds for this!

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