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Jun 30, 2016   /   senne   /   3   /   696
Flightsim: Which Flight Simulator do you use?

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, one of our blog contributors wrote a really interesting article about the 5 ways that a flight simulator can make you a better pilot.

Clay uses X-Plane as his flight simulator at home and seems to be very pleased with it. Looking at the images he shared in his article, the graphics look pretty good! He also mentioned you can add scenery and new planes, just like in most other flight simulators.

I personally use Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 at the moment, since the graphical capabilities of my laptop are rather limited and I can do almost anything with FS2004. I'll definitely move on to FSX once I buy a better PC. What I like most about MSFS is the customizability and the amount of options you have. There's also a ton of free and paid add-ons with lots of sceneries, planes and other cool stuff. I also love the level of realism!

I was wondering, which flight simulator do you use? And why did you choose for that one instead of other sims? Would love to hear from you guys! 

Have a great week,


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ruben admin   /   one year ago

Usually I just play fool around a bit on Microsoft "Flight" :)

baronpilot   /   one year ago

X-Plane!! I'm a Mac guy but even if I wasn't, it is my favorite and most realistic!

jacobgatt   /   one year ago

I've got FSX and find it really incredible in terms of the realistic cockpits and the incredible attention paid to detail.

As I don't have a control column or throttles, I use the standard keyboard and mouse configuration. Which can be difficult but I've found it an excellent tool for learning checklists and getting familiar with new aircraft before I get in the actual plane in real life.

Hopefully I'll invest in some controls so I can have a better flying experience from home.

On that last point, does anyone know where I can buy a control column and a twin throttle, prop and mixture control??

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