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Aug 03, 2016   /   senne   /   5   /   1128
Flying: What's the craziest thing you ever experienced on one of your flights?

Hi there!

I recently came across this funny cat video (duuh), where the pilot of a small ultralight plane spots a cat in his cockpit after take-off. 

It made me wondering if more of these crazy things occur during flights..

What's the craziest thing you ever experienced during one of your flights? I think a lot of people, including myself, would love to hear about it!

Have a great day!


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meganoverbeck97   /   one year ago

The craziest thing that has ever happened during one of my flights was probably ATC assigning me and my flight instructor a right traffic pattern for a left parallel runway. The runways were 32 R and 32 L, so we had to make a loop all the way around 32 R to get to 32 L while staying in the pattern.

senne admin   /   one year ago

A few of the crazy experiences some of our Facebook fans have had:

Adam DW: Coming in for a landing at twilight on a concrete runway with bush on both sides, touched down then held the nose in the air as long as I could to show off to the lady I had with me, then when the nose dropped I saw a herd of about 50-60 deer that had wandered onto the runway... Applied Full brakes and we stopped maybe 15 feet in front of a very frantic herd đŸ˜‚

Titus Dueck: Got hit by a dust devil on final right over the numbers at 75 feet above the ground on my check ride flight at age 17. One second everything is fine, the next I am looking at the numbers out of my left window, quick full power and full right aileron, we dropped the airplane out of the sky, if it had not been a Cessna 152, would very likely have broken the landing gear. August 11 2001, Wiley Post OKC

Jason Janssen: Sitting in the back with my pilot father and his pilot buddy up front and realizing both of them are sleeping! Haha

Francois Bureau: Removed the oil dipstic, had it rest on the step to look for gas over the win (c172), did a 200nm trip to find it still sitting there on the ground

alexrantos   /   one year ago

I don't have a picture of it... but one day I was returning back to Bankstown (YSBK). Once we passed TWRN joining base runway 11L and just as I completed my pre-landing checks, I looked outside the window and I saw a cone of black-bullet like objects descending down on me from the front and then falling all around the aircraft and bellow. The whole event lasted 2-3 seconds in which time the only thing I could do is say "&#^$@".
Of course it was a flock of small birds that got spooked by the Cherokee's engine and started diving. Thankfully they saw the aircraft and took evasive action. The interesting thing is they literally flew all around the aircraft within a few metres.
Happy flying

llamasquishy   /   one year ago

I fly in Canada and we've got Canadian Geese everywhere. Once upon a night landing in High River, Alberta (CEN4) I had just turned final in my C150 for runway 07. Now, a note. High River is one of those airports where you really get a good Black Hole Effect at night. So, I was keeping track of my airspeed and altitude to make sure I didn't let myself fall into the Black Hole trap, when I looked back outside and saw a huge goose fly right-to-left across my windscreen. It was slightly below the plane, my estimate is about 1.5-2 metres in front of the plane, but it was a big one. It flew right in front of my landing light so it just looked like a big white flash. Definitely raised my heart rate for a few seconds. Nothing you can really do about birds at night, unfortunately! A C150 doesn't make a lot of noise on approach!

Also, I inadvertently flew directly into a cloud once (as a fairly new Private Pilot flying VFR), but that's a story for a different time!

julien   /   9 months ago

It was during my initial flight training in Phoenix.
I took off from Falcon Field (KFFZ) and was departing to the South for a solo navigation. I was at the control of a PA28tx equipped with a G1000.

Everything was going fine untill I finished my call to "Flight Following" to open my flight plan; as soon as I finished the call, my nice G1000 began to loose some systems, I had red cross' appearing and disappearing on my Comm 1, Nav 1, my engine instruments,... At that moment the pressure increased suddenly from what was suppose to be a completely normal flight to what the heck is happening ?!

I actually remember "bugging" like a computer for a few seconds, I took a deep breath and thought about what I was going to do : Go back to Falcon.
I contacted back Falcon tower, explained my problem, and got a priority landing from the 5 people already in the circuit.

When I went to the engineers to explain my problem, they told me it already happened and that it was just a false contact on some of the wires and to maybe correct it I needed to OFF/ON the Avionic Master, but yeah, don't do that in flight !

Morality : Never trust 100% your nice and beautiful G1000 ! If it wants to fail you one day, it will ! :D

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