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Jan 02, 2017   /   senne   /   10   /   1079
Lounge: What are your flying related goals for 2017?

Hi there!

First of all, Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you joy, passion, fun, freedom and lots of awesome flying adventures!

What are your flying related goals for 2017? Are you getting your PPL or CPL, or do you want to add some new ratings like gliding, aerobatics or seaplane to your license?  

I was planning on starting my PPL training this spring, but since I will be going abroad for my studies for 5 months, unfortunately, I'll have to put it off until next year.

Let me know your flying related goals below, I'd love to hear about it!


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mirko   /   11 months ago

Hi Senne,

my first goal is to pass all the 6 subjects of my theoretical phase 1 ATPL(A) and overall to finish the training, it is and it will be a good challenge!
Happy new year to you! have a good day!


senne  admin   /   11 months ago

That's awesome Mirko, good luck with it!

As you might know, one of our members, Bob, is writing about his EASA ATPL(A) training in our new blog series, if you have any questions about your training, you can always ask him in the comments under this page or on his articles:

Best wishes to you as well, have a great week!

ruben admin   /   11 months ago

I'd like to do a weekend away/ cross-country

senne  admin   /   11 months ago

I'm in ;-)

aero360aviation   /   11 months ago

My goal from last year was to finally fly into Oshkosh 2017. However my training for my PPL has been significantly delayed for a number of reasons.. But I am not giving up! My goal is to achieve my PPL this year. Because of factors working against me, it is not easy.. But then again, nothing worth doing is ever easy. ;-)

senne  admin   /   11 months ago

True words! I wish you the best of luck with it, looking forward to reading about your flying adventures this year!

philippedom   /   11 months ago

So since I did fly 0 hours (that's right, zero) I will be doing a lot of things to get current again: renew my medical, do the biennial flight review and fly at least 2 hours a month. 2 hours does not seem much, but at least it is better than nothing. Upcoming trips: New York! A tour around Manhattan is certainly on the list. Erasmus: fingers crossed that I get approved for Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 5 months of opportunity to discover Canada from the air!

senne  admin   /   11 months ago

Great to hear from you again, it's been a while! Good to hear you're starting to fly again, I couldn't imagine a year without flying..

That sounds so awesome! My Erasmus just got approved, I'm going to Lahti in Finland (near Helsinki) from August the 1st until the end of December, so that will be my own 5-month adventure this year! Having an airport nearby was of course also a serious factor in deciding for which university to apply :) Looking forward to it, especially to flying over the Land of a Thousand Lakes!

Good luck with your flying, and let me know if you ever need a co-pilot ;)

Oh and btw, Happy Bday!

kfbaguette   /   8 months ago

Finishing my CPL/IR/ME/MCC :) ATPL theory is done! And hopefully by the end of the year, getting my first aviation job... A lot of fingers to cross ^^

senne  admin   /   6 months ago

That's awesome, I'll definitely keep following your aviation journey! Make sure to post some updates every once in a while ;)

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