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Thanks for visiting Hangar.Flights, an online aviation community and valuable source for aviation content. This website was launched in May 2016 and has since received almost 300,000 visits from people all over the world.

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Main sections on Hangar.Flights

Our website is divided in a few different sections, each with their own interesting content.

On Hangar.Flights, you will notice 3 main types of content:

Share your own flying stories or spend your evening reading about other pilots' adventures. Our members have written about their flight training, buying aircraft, exploring new places, getting that seaplane rating and so much more.

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Series about flight training or other cool topics.

Because a single post often just isn't enough to tell a story, we have created story series. Some story series on Hangar.Flights include as much as 44 stories!

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With so many products on the market today for pilots, it's often hard to pick the right one for you. We have created product guides on how to pick the right gear for every budget and type of pilot. Besides, we personally review products to help you make informed decisions.

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Your Aviation Journey

Depending on where you are in your aviation journey, you are probably looking for another type of content.

Therefore, we recently created 3 more section on our website:

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