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Guides for (Student) Pilots

Rod Machada Flight Training Courses

The Best Pilot Kneeboards for an Organized Cockpit (2018)

Kneeboards have always been an essential part of a pilot's gear in the cockpit. We listed some of the best options on the market!


Enjoy Rod Machado's private pilot digital collection for 40% off

This collection gives you all the study material (and more) needed to begin your adventure at learning to fly and becoming a licensed private pilot.


Faro G2 ANR Aviation Headset Review

Our in-depth review of the Faro G2 ANR aviation headset + A promo code for 10% off any Faro headset!


The Best Aviation Handheld Radios for Pilots (2018)

A handheld radio can be great to use for ground calls, as a backup radio or for safety on the ground. We'll help you pick the right one!


The Best Pilot Watches for Every Budget (2018)

From sleek, minimalistic pilot watches, to advanced watches packed with the latest aviation technology, we compiled this list of the best pilot watches.


Ten Books That Will Help Every Student Pilot

Books are a student pilot's best friends. Here are the helpful ones worth reading!


The Best Flight Simulator Gear for Student Pilots (2018)

Here are some of the best tools to enhance your flight simulator experience as a student pilot!


The Best Tools and Gear for Student Pilots (2018)

Having the right tools will make your life as a student pilot a lot easier. But which gear do you need and how do you decide what to buy?


The Best Flight Bags for Every Type of Pilot (2018)

This guide will help you decide which kind of flight back you need, whether you're a student pilot, private pilot or professional pilot.


The Best Aviation Headsets for Every Budget (2018)

Buying an aviation headset should be a well-thought-out decision. We'll help you pick the right one with this Headset Buying Guide.


How to Become a Glider Pilot

The definitive guide to getting your Glider Pilot License. Experience the joy of engineless flight and go gliding!

More guides are coming soon!