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7 Things you can do as a Pilot to Keep Yourself Busy in Quarantine


As lots of pilots are grounded or stuck at home these days due to Coronavirus, we might find ourselves bored pretty soon. Because, is there really anything else we can do except flying? There sure is, and we listed 7 ideas to keep yourself busy during these times or quarantine!

1. Read

One of the best ways to spend the extra time indoors is by reading. It’s both relaxing and might offer the additional knowledge and inspiration you need to go at it 200% again after this corona crisis is behind us.

Check out our guide with some recommended reading for (student) pilots!

2. Take online courses to learn or practice new skills

Besides reading, another great way to practice or learn new skills is by taking courses. Many different great online courses are available today, all offering great quality aviation training, ranging from private pilot ground school to more advanced online IR training.

Again, we have bundled them all in a helpful guide: The Best Online Aviation Courses for (Student) Pilots in 2020

3. Upgrade your Gear

If you’re looking at upgrading pilot gear, this is a good time to do it. As most physical stores are closed, the only way we can shop is online. However, this comes with its own challenges: it’s harder to receive personal recommendations from store personnel and the number of products available online could make it hard to decide which ones you should buy.

But we’ve got you covered: we have created several extensive buying guides with everything you need to know about pilot gear, such as headsets, flight bags, aviation handheld radios, sunglasses, pilot watches, and lots and lots more!  

4. Build your own Home Flight Simulator

While most of us are stuck at home, flying skills could become a little rusty, especially for student pilots. This might be the best time ever to start building that home flight simulator!

Luckily, we created a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build a Home Flight Simulator some weeks ago to help you get started!

Some other interesting reads regarding Flight Simulators:

5. Create an interactive METAR map

Do you love doing DIY projects? Then an interactive METAR Map might be the perfect project for these quarantine days!

© Kyle Harmon

We found this website that bundles a lot of useful information for your own project: https://led-sectional.kyleharmon.com/

6. Practice online GPS simulators

If the planes you fly are equipped with Garmin’s popular 430 and 530 GPS units, you could be amazed of how extensive the features and options are. We recently found a few free PC simulators offered by Garmin to practice on the Garmin 400/500 series and GNS480. Ideal to practice from your home!

You can view and download the simulators here

7. Catch up on or rewatch the best Aviation Films

Being stuck at home might also be a good time to catch up on those aviation classics!

We compiled a list of 12 new and old Aviation Films that are (still) more than worth watching today!

Have any questions, suggestions or remarks about this guide? Let us know!

Last updated on October 16, 2020 by Senne Vandenputte

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