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20k Instagram Giveaway: Win a MyGoFlight Flight Bag

1.8k views | 3 min read | Posted on December 04, 2016 by Senne Vandenputte | Last update December 04, 2016

20k Instagram Giveaway: Win a MyGoFlight Flight Bag

19,997… 19,998… 19,999… 20k!

We just reached 20k followers on our Instagram account today!

After starting this website and social media accounts a few months ago, I never imagined we would reach 10k followers, let alone 20k followers before the end of the year. To celebrate this awesome milestone and to thank all our followers, we’re holding an Instagram contest together with MyGoFlight.

We’re giving away one MyGoFlight Flight Bag PLC Pro, worth $189.00! 

MyGoFlight - Hangar.Flights instagram contest


MyGoFlight prides itself on the manufacture and marketing of products for using the iPad safely and securely in many of the pursuits of active people. From pilots, to drivers, to boaters, to musicians, MyGoFlight provides products and accessories to make greater use of the iPad in an active lifestyle.

MyGoFlight’s initial focus was on meeting the needs of aviators for the use of the iPad in-flight in the cockpit of airplanes. Having met these very demanding requirements, they now bring the same precision products to meet the needs of people in many other disciplines.

They are known to provide high quality and cool looking products that deliver function and form both. They are also known for providing high level of customer service and very prompt response.

Flight Bag PLC Pro

The Flight Bag PLC Pro is MyGoFlight’s most expensive and most popular flight bag, providing pilots with handy compartments and room enough to store iPads, headsets, radios, charts, and anything else you might need when flying.

I purchased a PLC Pro Bag nearly 1 year ago and used it without fail. The size, as well as the layout, were the main reason I purchased it, even though I had reservations with spending over $150 for an upscale backpack. However, my reservations were immediately put aside, as I quickly noticed it aided my cockpit organization immeasurably–everything I wanted was EXACTLY where I needed it, and within a quick grab when necessary. However, my experience with this bag/company did not stop there. When I ran into issues with my bag, it was quickly replaced. Unfortunately, in today’s world, few companies have such character and integrity–for that I cannot give them enough praise. I’ve since recommended them to our crew equipment team and truly hope we can steer more business their way. Additionally, I cannot count how many crew members I’ve flown with who want to see the ins/outs of this bag; it really does live up to its billing, its price point, and its overall usefulness to me as a professional airline pilot. – J. Wilkerson, Commercial Airline Pilot

More details about the flight bag can be found on the MGF website.

MyGoFlight Flight Bag PLC Pro

What do you need to do to win?

To win this awesome prize, you just have to head over to our Instagram account and follow these three simple steps:

  1. Like our Facebook page
  2. Follow @MyGoFlight on Instagram
  3. Tag 3 friends in the comments of our Instagram contest post

Easy right?

The contest will be running for 7 days. Next Sunday, December 11th, we will randomly pick a winner from the contest participants!

The winner will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook.

Feel free to share!

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