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18 Awesome Instagram Accounts Every Pilot Should Follow

28.5k views | 4 min read | Posted on January 11, 2017 by Senne Vandenputte | Last update April 21, 2021

18 Awesome Instagram Accounts Every Pilot Should Follow

We pilots love aviation. We love learning about flying, thinking about flying, talking about flying, sharing pictures of flying and looking at pictures of flying. Instagram is definitely the place to be, not only to share your own flying photos, but also to see some of the most awesome flying pictures and aviation photography.

Here are 18 aviation Instagram accounts you definitely have to follow! From a professional aviation photographer to a bush pilot flying in Indonesia and, of course, our very own Instagram account. These are the ones you want to look up and click the ‘Follow’-button!

1. Jessica Ambats (@jessicaambats)

The amazingly talented aviation photographer Jessica Ambats shares some of her greatest work on her account. If you can appreciate some great air-to-air photography, head over to her account and make sure to follow her.

Jessica also made some awesome iMessage stickers from her photos!

2. AOPA (@flywithaopa)

3. Deon Mitton (@deonmitton)

4. EAA (@EAA)

The Instagram account of the Experimental Aircraft Association shares some of the most awesome aviation photographs you will come across. Definitely a must-follow if you ask us!

5. Tom Andreas Østrem (@thathelicopterguy)

A commercial helicopter pilot from Norway, flying a Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil. Flying in Norway has something magical, his awesome photos prove it!

6. Owen Leipelt (@sjcspotter)

A young, but very talented aviation and air-to-air photographer based in San Jose, California.

7. Jeff Arnold (@_arnoldair_)

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8. Matt Dearden (@indopilot)

Flying in and out of the most remote and dangerous airstrips in Indonesia in a Pilatus Porter. Matt shares some of the most amazing shots from the airstrips he flies into!

9. Matthias Geiger (@mg_aviationphotography)

Snow and jets. Makes for some amazing aviation photography!

10. York Galland (@iflyheli)

If helicopters are your thing, York Galland is definitely one of the guys you need to follow. The turbine-powered Robinson R66 he flies is gorgeous.

11. Cirrus Aircraft (@cirrusaircraft)

You have to admit, Cirrus builds some pretty damn nice-looking airplanes. Their Instagram account showcases their gorgeous airplanes and reminds you that you can probably not afford their expensive toys. Anyway, dreaming doesn’t hurt!

12. Disciples Of Flight (@disciplesofflight)

13. Bradley Friesen (@bradleyfriesen)

An awesome guy and helicopter pilot from Canada, who also has an awesome YouTube channel full of great helicopter flying videos. His Instagram account consists of mostly helicopter flying pics, showcasing the beauty of Canada and how much fun having a pilot license can be! Oh yeah, he also has a pretty cool copilot.

14. Bose Aviation (@boseaviation)

15. Mikey McBryan (@mikeymcbryan)

Discovery Channel’s Ice Pilots NWT star Mikey McBryan gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Canada’s most awesome airline, Buffalo Airways. As the general manager, Mikey shares pictures of some awesome birds like the DC-3 and C-46, all in snowy NWT, Canada!

16. Steveo Kineevo (@steveokineevo)

Steveo is an awesome guy and excellent pilot, who’s living the dream flying a Socata TBM-850 and Cessna Caravans around North America and the Bahamas.

We featured Steveo’s YouTube channel as Aviation YouTube channel of the month some time ago!

17. Jessica Voruda (@jessicavoruda)

18. Hangar.Flights (@hangar.flights)

Of course, last but not least, our very own Instagram account! Make sure to follow us for the best aviation pictures and our latest news, including contests, quotes and new content on our website. 36,000 followers and counting (at the time of writing)!

Are there any great aviation Instagram accounts we forgot to include in this list? What are your favorites? Share them in the comments below!

Cover photo by Jessica Voruda