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Turn any Aviation Headset into a Bluetooth Headset with the Faro AudioLink

8.8k views | By Senne Vandenputte | Last updated on January 06, 2023

Do you own a non-Bluetooth aviation headset but always wished you could enjoy Bluetooth functionality, without upgrading to a new expensive headset?

Then Faro’s new AudioLink adapter is a great option!

Turn any Aviation Headset into a Bluetooth Headset with the Faro AudioLink

Faro AudioLink

We have been a fan of Faro Aviation for a long time. The US-based headset manufacturer creates quality but affordable aviation headsets, for every budget. Their headset models range from the low-budget Faro G2 PNR, to the Faro Air in-ear headset, the Faro G2 ANR version and the more advanced Faro G3, which offers ANR, Bluetooth and a light carbon fiber structure. I personally own both the Faro Air and Faro G2 ANR models, both of which I love and frequently use myself or for my passengers.

Recently, the company quietly launched a new accessory: the Faro AudioLink. This device enables you to turn any aviation headset into a Bluetooth enabled one, saving you hundreds of dollars on possible headset upgrades!

How does it work? Simple: You just plug your headset with GA plugs into the adapter, after which you use the adapter’s jacks to plug into your aircraft’s radio or intercom. All it takes is two AA-batteries, and you’re ready to connect your phone, iPad or other Bluetooth device wirelessly to your headset and enjoy the benefits of listening to music in-flight, or receiving audio alerts from Foreflight, Garmin or other EFP apps.

The idea is so simple that you start to wonder why other brands have not brought anything similar to the market!


  • Compatible with all headsets (Dual GA Connection)
  • Audio Priority Modes with Auto-Mute
  • 3.5 MM Auxiliary Input (Cable included)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for Music and Phone calls
  • Powered via Two AA Batteries (not included) or USB (cable included)
  • Volume control for transmissions
  • Volume control for Bluetooth device

And here comes the best news: you can get 10% off when using the coupon code HANGARFLIGHTS at checkout! That brings the price down to just $125.99!

Do you have an older aviation headset that you wish had Bluetooth? With this device, it’s easier and cheaper than ever!

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