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Private Pilot Test Prep 2018: Study & Prepare

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Pilot license candidates studying for the Private and Recreational Pilot FAA Knowledge Exam will find sample questions for every question in the Federal Aviation Administration exam database along with their answers and explanations. Questions from the exam are arranged by subject category, with each section prefaced by text introducing the subject matter and accompanied by specific study material. Each question is followed by the answer, an explanation of the answer, and a Learning Statement Code for further study in FAA materials. Updates are provided to account for FAA test-question changes throughout the publication year via the ASA website or e-mail alerts. Up-to-date basics on aerodynamics, engine operation, flight instruments, performance, radio navigation, and meteorology are among the subjects covered in this study aid. Includes softcover book and computer testing supplement.

ASA Test Prep Board includes editors Jackie Spanitz, Charles L. Robertson, Cliff Seretan, and Paul Hamilton. Jackie Spanitz is the director of curriculum development at Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc., and the author of several books, including Guide to the Flight Review. Charles L. Robertson is an associate professor of aerospace at the University of North Dakota. Cliff Seretan holds a Commercial Certificate with an Instrument Rating for Single- and Multi-Engine Land Airplanes and CFI for Airplane Land and Instrument. Paul Hamilton is a sport pilot and light-sport aircraft expert, a flight instructor, and the owner of Adventure Productions Co.

"I used this book to prepare for the FAA's ASEL Private Pilot written exam. It is well laid-out with easy-to-follow sections and clear explanations. The 5 free practice tests were very helpful, and many of the questions that I saw on the FAA exam were in the ASA practice exams. Using this test prep book in conjunction with my CFI's materials I scored a 98% on the written exam. Great product." - Amazon product review

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