Tools and Resources for (Student) Pilots

Looking for some helpful tools and resources that can help you during your flight training? On this page, we bundle the most valuable ones for you!

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Flight Planning & Navigation

  • A very helpful online flight planning tool you can use on your PC and mobile devices.

    - Plan and explore flight routes with seamless IFR/VFR aviation charts and true route rubberbanding on a Google Maps interface
    - View enroute aviation weather, including animated RADAR, color-coded, translated METARs and TAFs, TFRs and graphical AIR/SIGMETs
    - Retrieve certified weather briefs
    - Perform weight & balance calculations in seconds
    - File & close FAA flight plans
    - View complete airport information
    - Log flight info into your online logbook

  • A free online flight planning tool with worldwide aeronautical charts, US fuel price checker, airport database and more.
  • AOPA Flight Planner: The AOPA flight planner tool is powered by Jeppesen and provides helpful features like transferring your flight plans to EFB's like ForeFlight.


  • Aviation Weather Center: The Aviation Weather Center delivers consistent, timely and accurate weather information for the world airspace system.

Pilot Gear

Looking for an aviation headset? Read our guide to picking the right headset for you!

Looking for a good flight bag? Read our guide about flight bags and how to pick the right one!


  • Our own training guides: We cover aspects of your flight training like finding the right CFI, choosing between flight schools and more.
  • Online Flight Training Courses and CFI Tools.



One of the best things about Facebook is the number of groups there are. One of the worst things about Facebook is the number of groups there are. It's often hard to find really active groups that provide real value to their members.

These are some of the groups that have provided the most value and/or fun to us or people we know:

  • Aviation Career Mentorship - A Q&A group for the exchange of career building information between seasoned professionals and up-and-coming professionals.
  • Flying Friends -  A place for Flying Friends to connect and know that they will get good answers to questions and positive support for achievements and good photos.
  • Taildragger Pilots United - This forum is for any Taildragger rated pilots and their friends, families and interested parties to join and share Taildragger specific experiences.
  • Private Pilots Club - A group for all those who love flying light aircraft and hold or are training for any type of private pilots flying licence. 

Other helpful resources

  • Garmin 400/500 series sim: Pilot guides and quick reference guides for the Garmin 400/500 series with a simulator to learn the system.

What are your favorite aviation tools and resources? Let us know in the comments below!