Hangar.Flights Tip - Did you know you can add a Google Map to your story?

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Hangar.Flights Tip - Did you know you can add a Google Map to your story?

Hi everyone!

Just a quick tip to get you started with Hangar.Flights stories!

When you write a new story in the categories Events, Places-Airports and Trips, you can add a location to your story. A Google Map will now appear under your story with the location you provided!

This can be really helpful to show people a location on a map and let them explore the area. This is, of course, optional so you are not required to specify a location when posting a new story.

Now let's share some flying adventures!

Senne - founder 

The map below shows you Goetsenhoven Airfield, Belgium, my local airfield where I learned to fly and spend most of my weekends.

  Goetsenhoven Airfield

About the pilot

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As a 22-year-old Belgian Business Management student, web designer, glider pilot, aviation blogger and founder of Hangar.Flights, Senne is passionate about aviation. He started gliding at age 14 and flew his first solo at 15. Now, he spends his time writing about aviation, creating and designing things, traveling, studying and of course, flying.


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