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Reunion of Czechoslovak Aircraft 2016


Bajca Moravcova

June 23, 2016 - 462 views

There are many planes that deserve a place in our heart. The one we flew for the first time during our training, the one we flew our first solo, first navigation flight, first crosscountry flight, and I could go on to infinity. Few years back during one weekend airshow, when we could barely see the end of the runway because of the persistent rain, we came up with an idea of an event, when only pilots meet up with their favourite planes, so no public annoy the day and we all fly just for our pleasure. And now, four years later, there it is, 3rd Reunion of Czechoslovak aircraft, held at different airfield every year. Every year there are more and more of those enthusiasts who adore the beauty and history of czechoslovak aircraft built by Zlin, Letov, etc.   This year, there were more than 70 beautiful planes built in by Czechs and Slovaks at one airfield: Z-126, Z-226, Z-326, Z-526, Z-726, Z-142, Z-42, Z-43, L-40 Metasokol, Sokol, Aero Ae-45, Aero Ae-145, L-200 Morava, Praga Air Baby, Beta Minor, L-13SE Vivat, F-11 Jodel, L-13 Blanik, L-23 Super Blanik! Almost complete history of Czechoslovak aircraft, each plane with its unique story. One day, we will have to say goodbye, but until then let's maintain all those unique planes in good conditions and celebrate every single day they can fly!

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Senne Vandenputte staff - 2 years ago

That's awesome! Looks like I really have to work on a way to upload pictures on here, would love to see your pictures of all the planes together!

Bajca Moravcova - 2 years ago

That would be great! I have so many photos from the event. Photos always make a story more interesting.

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