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Beautiful Reykjavik Airport at Sunset


Marie-Laure Parsy

April 19, 2017 - 3k views

Flash-back to one of my very first flights in Iceland. Flight training starts with learning the basic principles of aircraft handling. As playgrounds when based in Keflavik International Airport, we have the west and middle training areas over the dark lava fields of Reykjanesbaer, the east training area east of the Capital, and the opportunity to visit another busy airport in Reykjavik by following VFR route 6. Here is a picture of beautiful Reykjavik peninsula and airport at sundown during those first hours of training.

Instragram: @introspections.nomades

Blog: 66 degrees high

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After training as a Researcher in Structural Biology and Biophysics at Oxford, I am undergoing a professional reconversion to combine my love of flying with a sheer passion for exploration. I am currently based in Keflavik, Iceland, and have just obtained my Commercial Pilot License with IR/ME, ATPL theory and MCC. My goal is to fly STOL operations, primarily in the polar regions.


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Senne Vandenputte staff - one year ago

This photo is gorgeous Marie-Laure! Would love to fly in Iceland one day.

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