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Gliding over Finland


Senne Vandenputte

August 26, 2017 - 609 views

Hi everyone!

On August 15th, I left to Lahti (Finland) where I will be studying and living for the next 4 months.

I was invited to spend the weekend at a friend's place in Jyväskylä, about 2 hours away from Lahti. On Saturday, I had the great opportunity to visit his flying club and airfield in Pieksämäki. After a short familiarization flight with him to explore the area and local procedures, I had the honor to fly his glider, twice. Finland is even more beautiful from the air, as you can tell from the pictures. We ended the day with a delicious dinner and traditional Finnish sauna.

Here are some pictures of my flights in Finland!

After the familiarization flight, it was time to fly my friend's glider, a Mini Nimbus. My first time in this glider and the first time I flew a glider with flaps solo. But what a great airplane to fly!

What an incredible scenery!

You can tell I was happy :) 

What an incredible first weekend here in Finland. On to the next adventures!

Have a great weekend!


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As a 23-year-old digital entrepreneur, glider pilot & private pilot, Senne is passionate about aviation. He started gliding at age 14 and flew his first solo in a glider at 15. Now, he spends his time helping companies with marketing & web design, fun projects like Hangar.Flights, traveling and of course, flying.


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