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Remember Ice Pilots? Mikey McBryan just made his own sequel!


Senne Vandenputte

January 07, 2019 - 1.6k views

You probably remember Ice Pilots NWT, the Discovery Channel series about Buffalo Airways, a Canadian airline operating vintage aircraft like the DC-3 and DC-4 in extreme -40°C weather up North. And if you're like me, the end of the final episode gave you this empty feeling, leaving you with nothing but memories to better times..

So, you can imagine how excited I was when I heard Mikey McBryan made his own sequel to the popular series, be it on a slightly smaller budget (you gotta love the visuals he uses).

In "Plane Savers", Mikey documents his journey to getting a WWII Douglas DC-3 he bought ready for its 75th anniversary of flying the biggest air battle in history, D-Day. He has just 6 months to get the job done!

Using nothing but a GoPro camera (he does bring some more professional gear for future episodes), Mikey documents the entire journey to getting the legendary aircraft airworthy, in his own genuinely funny style. What's not to like about this guy?

Check out the entire series below, enjoy!

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As a 23-year-old digital entrepreneur, glider pilot and PPL student pilot, Senne is passionate about aviation. He started gliding at age 14 and flew his first solo in a glider at 15. Now, he spends his time helping companies with marketing & web design, fun projects like Hangar.Flights, traveling and of course, flying.


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