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Senne Vandenputte

Senne Vandenputte

20 May 2016 - 12.6k views

Posted in Training

The Podcasts Every (Student) Pilot Should Listen to

6 min read

Do you listen to podcasts? If not, you definitely should.

Let me explain why.

For those (very few) completely new to podcasting, a podcast is a series of audio files you can download or stream online and listen to on your PC or mobile devices. It’s like having a radio show you can listen to wherever and whenever you want and choose the subjects and people you like to listen to. You just subscribe to a podcast in Itunes, Stitcher or other apps and create playlists with your favorite shows and episodes.

Podcasts have become increasingly more popular and it’s not hard to see why.

From my personal experience, I can only recommend listening to podcasts. You can do it while driving, running, working out or when commuting from or to work/school. The amount of (free) knowledge that’s available out there on almost any topic you can possibly think of is incredible and you are missing out on a lot of interesting and useful stuff if you’re not taking advantage of it.

I spent a lot of time on the train and bus while commuting to and from school. While that time was usually just lost, being able to listen to experts in different areas like aviation or business while getting to school had been extremely interesting and valuable. When doing sports, just relaxing during the evening or doing anything else that doesn’t require too much focus, listening to podcasts is great. Even in the car, I prefer to listen to interesting talks, rather than the same old chatter on the radio shows about what this or that celebrity did to her ex-boyfriend.

If you are just getting started, here’s a list of the aviation podcasts you should definitely start following. If you’re already listening to a few shows you might get some extra interesting suggestions you didn’t know about yet. From someone who wants to get started in aviation to the most experienced airline captains, there’s a podcast for you that you’ll find interesting.

Stuck Mic Avcast

Let’s start off the right way with my favorite podcast, the Stuck Mic Avcast (SMAC), An aviation podcast about learning to fly, living to fly, and loving to fly.

Hosts Carl Valeri, Eric Crump, Sean Moody, Victoria Neuville, Rick Felty and Larry Overstreet discuss everything related to the joy of flying. With shows ranging from discussing the Oshkosh highlights, flying clubs, recurrent training and UAVs to flying in the Maldives and being a flight instructor. I only recently learned about it after listening to another podcast by one of the hosts (#2), but I’ve already listened to a lot of their episodes. A podcast full of value for every pilot, highly recommended!

A new episode comes online every 1st and 15th of the month and averages about an hour, with some episodes of 20 minutes and some even over 1h20. 

BTW, I was interviewed by Carl Valeri – a great and very knowledgeable guy – a few days ago about Hangar.Flights for one of their episodes. The episode will be live on June 1st, make sure to keep an eye out for it!

Best Aviation Podcasts: Stuck Mic Avcast

Aviation Careers Podcast

For those wanting to start a career in aviation, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Carl Valeri and Eric Crump, who also host SMAC (#1), and Tom Wachowski, this podcast covers everything related to a career in aviation, from being an agriculture pilot or flight instructor to flying corporate jets. With their combined expertise, you’ll definitely learn a lot from these guys. 

So definitely a must if you want to get started as a professional pilot.

Best aviation podcasts: Aviation careers podcast

Private Jet Podcast

Interested in what goes on behind the scenes of owning and operating a corporate or private aircraft? Host Tom Wachowski is a Falcon 2000 pilot with over 20 years of experience in airline, charter and corporate aviation. In this podcast, he discusses solo or interviews industry leaders on different topics regarding acquiring or reselling aircraft, hiring staff, training, insurance, operations and much more. 

Best Aviation podcasts: The private jet podcast

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Airline Pilot Guy

In the Airline Pilot Guy podcast, captain Eric Jeff Nielsen shares his opinion and perspective on topics and events in the aviation world as a pilot in the commercial airline industry. He is a former Air Force pilot who also went to the aircraft accident investigation school and has been flying for a major airline for more than 20 years now. It’s interesting to hear his take on aviation news and accidents.

Best Aviation Podcasts: Airline pilot guy podcast

The Finer Points of Flying

A podcast about flight training by host Jason Miller, a commercial pilot and CFI sharing his 18 years of experience in aviation in interesting episodes. The Finer Points is a weekly show of about 5-10 minutes long (there goes your excuse of not listening because you don’t have time for podcasts) that’s both entertaining and educational. Jason shares tips and training techniques and his insights into flight training problems pilots may experience. He also interviews professionals from aerobatic pilots, mechanics and air traffic controllers. Absolutely a must for those pilots currently going through flight training.

Best Aviation podcasts: The finer points podcast, learn the finer points

Avweb Podcast

The Avweb podcast covers recent news, updates from aviation companies, the newest airplanes, technology and other interesting topics. Interviews with industry professionals and well-known pilots make this a valuable source of information and knowledge. 

Best Aviation podcasts: Avweb podcast

The Student Pilot Cast

Another podcast about flight training, but this time from another point of view. In the episodes, student pilot Bill Williams shares his flight training journey to his private pilot certificate. Bill covers every aspect of his flight training talking about his first flights, first solo, cross country flights, short and soft field takeoffs and much more interesting stuff. If you’re interested in learning more about flight training and want to follow a student pilot on his journey, I can only recommend this podcast.

Best Aviation podcasts: Student Pilot Cast

Uncontrolled Airspace

In Uncontrolled Airspace, every week the hosts talk about news and conversations about the world of General Aviation flying. Definitely an interesting podcast for those into General Aviation! Hosts are Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon, Jack Hodgson, James Wynbrandt and Amy Laboda.

Best Aviation podcasts: Uncontrolled airspace podcast


A podcast about flight training, flight simulation, hangar talk and interesting interviews. Host Chris Palmer is an awesome and enthusiastic guy sharing his passion for aviation with his guests, discussing topics like flight simulator software and hardware, aircraft, airshows, and much more. An interesting podcast for pilots, flight sim enthusiasts and aviation lovers!

This podcast, with a new episode each week, gives you a jam packed hour (or more) of useful training tips for actual aviation, and flight simulation.

Best Aviation podcasts: aviatorcast podcast

You can listen to the above podcasts via Itunes, Stitcher on any other podcasting app. I personally use the free version of BeyondPod on my android phone and I love it!

Aviation podcasts, itunes      Aviation podcasts, Stitcher

What about you, do you listen to podcasts? And which ones do you like the most? Let us know!

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