Cessna Cardinal landing on a grass runway

c177flyer  /  Jun 04, 2016  /  2  /  624  / 

A farmer in New Jersey hosts a fly-in breakfast twice per month during the summer at his private airfield (Allen Airstrip - 3NJ9). Pilots fly in from all over, mostly in vintage planes, to enjoy breakfast and camradery.

The video was taken by a "Faux Pro" (the $50 Chinese version of the GoPro) mounted under the wing using the kit from Nflightcam.

[Edit: link is fixed now!]

sennesenne (admin) one year ago
It was not working because you used a short link instead of the normal one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQzHpbadPoU).. But I just fixed it so it's working as it should now :) Great video! Looks like a beautiful airfield and a great fly-in!
calbertocalberto one year ago
Great landing! Dramatic music!
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