Night VFR

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Join me in the cockpit as we fly over Melbourne's CBD at night, plus listen to Air Traffic Control communications as we get Class C clearance from Essendon Tower. Aircraft is a Piper Warrior VH-ITK from RVAC at Moorabbin Airport. After the flight I realised I need to work on better settings on the GoPros for night time as the quality wasn't as good as I wanted for some shots. But I hope you enjoy this video all the same. Thanks for watching, fly safe!

flydigitalflydigital one year ago
This was a private flight from Moorabbin Airport in Australia under the Night VFR rules.
aero360aviationaero360aviation 10 months ago
Night flying is such a different world. Its beautiful, and sometimes can be a little scary and unnerving. It definitely takes an extra level of concentration!
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