Balleka: Pure Epicness - What soaring means to me

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In remembrance of Matt Wright, aka Balleka, a great glider pilot, Boeing 747 captain and popular Youtuber. Matt died a few days ago in a mid-air while flying his shark mouth marked ASW-24 glider. He was loved by many, and an inspiration to everyone.
This is what glider flying meant to him.

Epicness is a word that I probably use a bit too much but how else can you define the fun you can have in a glider! This is a collection of footage from my 2013 adventures.
Sit back and enjoy the ride. Music : The Tide ft. Steffi Nguyen (TheFatRat Remix)
Gliding sites La Motte Du Caire

baronpilotbaronpilot 12 months ago
Great Video. Very Sad though.
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