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Pictures: Expedition Alaska with TacAero

1.6k views | 2 min read | Posted on June 13, 2018 by Senne Vandenputte | Last update May 08, 2021

Pictures: Expedition Alaska with TacAero

An 18-day adventure, flying tailwheel aircraft to America’s last frontier, Alaska, during a one-of-a-kind Expedition. That’s how TacAero describes it’s unique flying expedition that left exactly a week ago into the Alaskan wilderness.

Along the way, pilots hear stories end experiences, see vast and remote landscapes and safely learn how to overcome the challenges of flying across remote areas or Western Canada and Alaska.

The stunning pictures speak for themselves. All photography credits go to TacAero and its pilots.

In the days leading up to the expedition, the pilots were taught survival techniques and prepared for the adventure in remote Alaskan wilderness.

A week before departure, the team goes into a series of briefings about the weather, flight planning and more. The Alaska team is assembled and almost ready to head North. The last set of briefings is underway.

The expedition departed on Wednesday, June 6th into the Canadian wilderness!

Between beach landings and lake flying we had a great second day of Expedition Alaska. The vastness of the terrain in Canada has left most of us speechless. Sensory overload was a common theme. We are still being told the best is yet to come, pretty hard to imagine after a day like today.

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On day 3, they started getting into some more terrain.

Every mile the scenery gets more stunning. Words truly fail to describe what it’s like to fly through the landscape up here. Pictures do it zero justice. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We flew through lite rain and snow on our way north, but that just added to the adventure. Bear, moose, mountains goats, and buffalo have all been spotted along the journey.

On day 4, they made it to Alaska. Ready for the rest of the adventure!

You can keep following the rest of this amazing expedition on their Facebook page and Instagram account!

Certainly a bucket list item for me…

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